Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For the beauty of each new day here in the Lowcountry,
for a church where I am encouraged and challenged and loved,
for the gift of laughter,
for a rewarding and fulfilling job that also meets my financial needs,
for beloved friends and family literally all over the world,
for Hurley (the world's greatest dog),
for parents who raised me to love learning and never stop,
for memories and photos of the people and places I have loved,
for second chances (and third and fourth and so on),
for a house of my own so near the ocean,
for all the different colors my eyes can see,
for only having been admitted to the hospital once in my life (so far),
for books to read and time to read them,
for the inspiration to write and keep writing,
for music to hear and sing,
for good food,
for moments that take my breath away and give me goosebumps,
for great colleagues and a wonderful supervisor,
for foreign travels and foreign languages,
for being a work in progress,
for all the stories that have taught me about God and the world and myself,
and most of all for the One whose love surrounds me, and whose mercy and grace are redeeming me,
thanks be to God.



In this early morning moment, I find myself already full
of thanksgiving
for a husband who loves me deeply and completely,
daughters and a son in law who fill the house with laughter 
and the stories of their lives, 
for everyone together under one roof.

For rain in the middle of the night,
wind chimes that sing with a fresh breeze on the porch,
sweet basil clipped from the garden, 
and that holy trinity of garlic, onions, and celery,
for the unacknowledged luxury of clean water 
that pours forth with just a turn of my wrist.

For my old sewing table and scraps for new quilts,
long runs and strong legs,
time to write and to sew and pull weeds,
for a refrigerator filled beyond overflowing with food 
(and for family and friends who will be here to enjoy it!) 
for the mercy of stretchy jeans on feast days.

For new beginnings and old friends, 
for the freedom to move forward and explore new paths,
for the winds of change that keep my life fresh,
and for the quiet to know that just this moment,
just this breath, 
is enough.



Kiawah Island on a recent November morning 
(meditating on two scriptures Psalm 40:3/Isaiah 43:1-2)

Taking Flight
Where even to start with thanks for this holiday season.
There are the usual suspects, of course -
Friends, family, home and hearth

But what really has me on my knees this season
feeling so blessed
is how God's teaching me
to just be content 
in flight

No thoughts lingering on where I took off or where I'm gong to land.
Just this moment suspended in time, able to see the small gifts all around
to really be with people and hear what they have to say
to watch God plant a new song in my heart
though I tremble, and I'm not sure of the words
only the refrain in the wind


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  1. Lovely, ladies. I count myself blessed to have you three among my friends, my church family, and my writing colleagues. Happy Thanksgiving.