Saturday, January 28, 2012

Attitude adjustment

       This has been the scene at my house the past week.  The picture is 
not a great one, and doesn't quite capture the adorable chaos of having
three dogs and two people in a relatively small space for days on end.
Thunder, the big guy in the front, has been staying with me while his
"parents" are on a cruise, as they have kept Hurley for me on previous
vacations.  The little white fuzzball is Pachouli, my new roommate's
dog.  We have had quite a rowdy household these past few days.  And I
have relished (almost) every moment of it.  
       Hard as it is to believe,  Hurley has been with me only a little over a 
year.  Before that, I had been on my own for a very long time.  For years 
and years, it was just me, and I got used to it.  With Hurley, I was reintroduced 
to the joy of being part of a "we."  This year, that "we" has grown to include
Connie and Pachouli.  The roommate arrangement was born of financial
necessity, and was only supposed to be for a few months.  I had no
idea that I would like having another human and dog in the house so
much that I would want them to stay, not just for the rental income,
but for the companionship.  Simply having someone else there to enjoy
TV shows or cook a meal together or ask, "How was your day?" is
something I had almost forgotten.  Now I like getting used to it
again, so much so that our "we" has decided to stay together, at least
for the rest of 2012.  Maybe by then, I will have found a "he" to form
another kind of "we."  Who knows?  Anything seems possible when the
year is still so young.



I should have taken a "before" picture.  My desk, previously piled with books, reading glasses, papers, bills, earrings, receipts, notebooks, lists, hair clips, recipes, markers, clipboards, post-its, and tiny Polly Pockets, is clean!  It's simply clear, uncluttered space.  Purged, dusted, organized.  

I'm working my way through the house with a quote from William Morris in mind.  “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Hmm,  I could be getting rid of a lot of stuff.  


Attitude Adjustment
      I have this photo at work. When I look at it, it brings me peace. I don't know if it's the layers of green or the memory of a family visit to the botanical gardens at Riverbanks Zoo, but whatever the appeal, it enables me to stop, breathe and slip into the mystery of something that deeply resonates within that has nothing to do with deadlines or performance or work or even thought. 
      I call it a joy catcher, and I use many things as such including quotes and prayers that I collect. I ran across this prayer this week and thought what a beautiful attitude adjustment, a reminder that sometimes what I need most in a harried day, is a dose of spirit, a chance to be filled with something other than thoughts of me, me, me.  It's like a having a soothing cup of tea, with a touch of honey and mint. Everything seems better. More bearable somehow.
      Father Mychal's prayer
Lord, take me where you want me to go
Let me meet whom you want me to meet
Tell me what you want me to say
And keep me out of your way.

       It's a refreshing thought.


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  1. Anita: My way of saying that is "Is this going to be in a garage sale some day?" It's not so poetically put, but it means what he says. Does this have REAL value?